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Wind surfing board

Surfboards have gone through some drastic changes over the years, and this means that choosing your first table will be much easier. Previously, the boards were categorized by length. The long table was the first table and the size of your board decreased with increasing playing power.

Previously, his learning curve was divided into different phases, and at each stage he had to buy a table of different sizes. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. The new wide-style boards are here and have turned everything in the head. These boards offer the rider an unprecedented level of stability for a shorter board. A broad table style will take you through your learning curve and will stay with you in the future. This means you can perfect your skills and maneuvers with the same board you’ve known and loved since the beginning of the sport.

Nowadays, volume comes first when you buy your first wind surfing board (in here: ). The volume determines the buoyancy of the board, its stability and the weight it can carry. Before you choose your first table, you have to take care of a bit of math.

It is important that you not only know the volume of the table, but also the reservation amount that the card has. The reserve volume is the amount of residual volume according to the weight of the driver, the platform and the board have deducted from the amount quoted.

Beginners are advised to select a table with 50% reserve volume. The equation is simple enough to work alone. Simply calculate your body weight in kilograms, double them and then add 30 kilograms to the weight typical of the table, platform and clothing. The result is the recommended volume of your table in liters.

For example, if a cyclist weighs 80 kg, the total volume in liters of the table should be 190 liters (80 + 80 + 30). When choosing the right board, it is important to know your weight as a driver. More volume means more lift and stability. Choose carefully and in case of doubt, get professional advice from your windsurf board provider.

Thanks to modern wider boards, you’ll see results faster when you learn to windsurf but go over the beginner stage requires dedication and hard work. Stay with him and in a short time you will ride on the waves and feel free.

If you want to secure your surfboard, be sure to prevent it from falling off the surfboard. Once the wine has been used extensively for about two years, the absorbent material usually suffers a normal depreciation and needs to be repaired. If this is not done, you will have difficulty trying to grab the windsurfing board.

Before you pay for windsurfing equipment, you should ask the experts for advice. They can inform you about the different models, which are usually more durable than others. If your device is broken, it can sometimes be easily repaired. Sometimes repairs can be very effective, while in some cases you really need a complete replacement.

What do you need to repair the grip of a wind surfing board?

If you can not repair your windsurfing handle yourself, contact a windsurfing repair shop. What has happened in these shops is that you can remedy the grip of your windsurfing and experience it as something new. However, make sure that after the repair, the old material is completely removed. Remember that the cover will be added resistant to UV acrylic resin powder in front of the surface giving you a double guarantee that it will last for a long time.

Also keep in mind that most of the above products can be supplied in a separate kit that will allow you to repair your windsurfing grip. You can make personal repairs. However, be sure to mix the product well before applying to the handle. Remember that the quality of the result is the result of a perfect mix. Do not apply the product excessively to the handle.

Before attaching the handle, make sure that you have carefully checked all old materials in the handle. Remember that this should be done thoroughly, but be careful not to scratch any underlying cover. You should thoroughly clean the surface before applying new material and ensure that a new application is made when the handle is completely dry. Do not forget not to touch a surfboard wax. This is because the wax sticks after application. But under the intensity of the sun it softens.